Error Enabling “Enable Advanced Usage Analysis Processing”

    There’s a small bug in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that prevents users other than the SSP process account from Enable advanced usage analysis processing in your Shared Services Provider.

    The error isn’t as much of an error as an oversight by Microsoft, if you grant the acting user rights under Personalization services permissions. Once you have added the user to this list enabling the advanced usage process will work.




Enable Claims Authentication For Existing Web App (SP 2010)

Peace Be Upon You,

Changing an existing SharePoint Web app from classic authentication mode to claims based authentication mode can’t be done from central administration, but it can be done using power shell.

Here is a simple PowerShell script which changes the web app’s authentication mode to claims based:

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication “http://webapplicationname:port”

#webApp.UseClaimsAuthentication = “True”;



Once you have executed the above PowerShell script, if you go to your web app’s authentication provider settings, you should see:


All thanks to power shell 🙂

Bing Maps & Control Tips

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I found in that link the bing maps silverlight control in a way showing all its features by example and having the source code of the example being displayed, I found it really nice to have more knowledge of that great map control.

Here is the link:

Also, if you want to post latitude and longitude of location to bing maps, you can build your URL as described in that post:

Have fun with bing maps programming !! 🙂