CAML.NET Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010

Peace be upon you,

The CAML.NET IntelliSense extensions for Visual Studio 2010 is simply a must-have for SharePoint developers. It can help you tame that sometimes finicky, but ever-so-essential CAML language we all know and love.

Really cool visual studio add-on. You can get it from here.

I noticed 2 drawbacks for this tool from the reviews:

• The schema is incomplete and only a subset of what ships with SharePoint as default.

• The uninstallation does not clean up the environment, leaving the schema as default shcema file and not restoring previous state (SharePoint schema). (That’s ok, You will need to manually restore it in case you wanted to uninstall)

But still the tool is having a great potential and will save a lot of development time in my opinion.